About VoyagePort Inc.

VoyagePort is a Benefit-Corporation (Delaware B-Corp) whose corporate mission is to enable responsible tour operators in developing countries to access international markets and grow their businesses with the goal of creating travel markets where the environment, local cultures, and local economies are benefited.

VoyagePort is a startup founded in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic whose software and network of tour operators and reseller travel agencies are enabling the Galapagos Islands to build back tourism better and more efficiently.

By creating greater efficiencies in the sales and distribution process we are creating significant value for both cruise lines and their reseller agents. 

VoyagePort is now global in scope assisting travel companies market and sell trips in thousands of destinations across the planet with digital marketing services for tour operators.

The Team

We are a team of software developers, digital travel marketing consultants, and travel industry insiders that have come together to help make planning a trip to Galapagos easier for all stakeholders involved. VoyagePort founder Jason Halberstadt has also founded several influential online travel initiatives like GalapagosIslands.com, EcuadorExplorer.com, VIVA Travel Guides, Metamorf S.A., and has powered marketing and travel technology initiatives for hundreds of travel companies since the 1990’s. 

Join us on our mission of connecting responsible tour operators with travelers in every corner of the world.

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