Create a Galapagos Cruise Booking Engine for Your Website

Provide Your Customers Real-Time Pricing, Availability & Booking Capabilities from Your Website

GalápagosGDS has been designed from the ground up to be the most efficient way to find and reserve a Galapagos cruise for your clients. 

B2C Galapagos Booking Engine for Your Website

From: $95.00 / month with a 30-day free trial

The fastest, most efficient way to enable real-time Galapagos bookings on your website. No more wasting the time of your customers, your partners, and your trip planning staff. Free 30-day Trial!

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Galapagos Booking Engine WordPress Plugin

Power your website with a beautiful cruise search & online booking capabilities and sell Galapagos cruises on your website 24/7, even when your sales agents are sleeping.


Fast, Easy, and Affordable

Creating a simple Galapagos Booking engine inside your WordPress site just takes minutes. Use “short codes” and advanced configurations to make a powerful customized booking engine that draws upon data about every cabin on every departure on nearly every boat in Galapagos. Need help setting up your site? No problem, we are here to help.

Get a FREE ONE MONTH TRIAL and inquire about pricing.

Superior User Experience

  • Real-time availability, pricing, reservations, and bookings with direct connections to cruise lines.
  • Cabin configurations and every departure for every Galapagos boat
  • Your clients never leave your website to make a reservation or booking
  • Integrates 100% into the existing design of your WordPress site
  • Excellent mobile and tablet user experience with responsive design
  • The fastest, most efficient way to make a Galapagos booking. No more wasting the time of your customers, your partner agencies, and your trip planner staff

Your Website isn’t in WordPress?
No Worries, We Have Two Options!

The GalapagosGDS Portal or API


Introducing the GalapagosGDS Portal

If you don’t have a WordPress site, then this turnkey solution for selling and booking Galapagos cruises is the fastest and most economical way to have a full-featured, self-updating Galapagos portal that will have you competing with the big fish in the Galapagos sea within days. 

The design of the GalapagosGDS Portal is adapted to look the same as the rest of your website, and can be installed in a “subdomain” of your website, such as:


As a fully hosted, managed, and updated solution, you never have to update information about itineraries, boats, prices or any commercial data, as it is automatically updated using the GalapagosGDS database. Security, site speed, and an optimal user experience is maintained by the highly-experienced technical team at VoyagePort.

Galapagos Booking Portal

From: $195.00 / month and a $1,500.00 sign-up fee

If your website does not run on WordPress, or if you would like to have a site dedicated to selling Galapagos cruises in the most efficient, profitable way, then choose a GalapagosGDS Booking Portal.

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Build a Custom Booking Engine for Any Website or Internal System with the API

Use GalapagosGDS APIs to integrate with nearly any website, backend software, or app.   

Build your own customized, self-updating, booking engine that is fueled by the largest, most up-to-date database of live Galapagos information. Integrate with your internal quoting system, tour management system, or content management system. Just need availability? Prices? Updated itineraries? No problem, just let us know what data you need and we will happily give you a quote for exactly what you need.

Create a Galapagos Cruise Booking Engine for Your Website

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