No more empty cabins…


Maximize your visibility with hundreds of Galapagos trip planners and thousands of travelers every day, and night.

The world’s top Galapagos sales people use VoyagePort to make sales more efficiently, 24/7, even while they sleep…

  • Leading tour operators like Columbus TravelTropic, and Metropolitan Touring trust the VoyagePort Booking Engine to sell cruises on their websites where thousands of travelers visit daily.
  • 100+ leading Galapagos  tour operators and agencies use the B2B quote builder and booking engine, and our WordPress plugin for their websites.
Easily and economically sell your remaining cabins to these channels using VoyagePort a free account or increase your sales with Performance Marketing!

Free Basic Supplier Account

Apply to sell your cruises and tours to the VoyagePort Network and if approved as a supplier, you will qualify for:

  • Free listing of your company’s products including trip details, photos, departures, rates, and availabilty that are distributed to over 100 adventure travel operators and thousands of travelers via their booking websites.
  • Free use of our Cruise Manager Software to manage departure details, availability, and rates.
  • Some providers may qualify for free integration services to connect their current reservation system with the VoyagePort API.
  • Fill out the below form to apply!

Preferred Suppliers

Preferred suppliers get more visibility by appearing in higher in the search results than Basic Suppliers.

  • Preferred Suppliers receive the same benefits as Basic Suppliers and there are no Performance Marketing fees are due until after a sale has been completed and the traveler has completed their voyage. 
  • You can choose your level of visibility with a Performance Marketing Fee from 1.9% to 10%. Choose maximum visibility to sell your last minute inventory quickly! 
  • Free integration services to connect your current booking system with the VoyagePort API.

Platinum Suppliers

Receive maximum visibility at the top of search results.

  • Platinum Suppliers receive the benefits of other supplier types plus…
  • Maintain a consistent 4% Performance Marketing fee while maintaining superior visibility over Preferred Suppliers for less than half the fee. 
  • Free advanced integration services.
  • Get access to additional marketing services and tools to grow your sales at no additional cost.

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How to Grow Your Travel Business
with VoyagePort Services

1. Connect

Connect your existing reservation system with our API.

Or, use the Free VoyagePort Cruise Manager software to manage your fleet’s commercialization. Contact us to get connected.

2. Sell Using VoyagePort Performance Marketing

Open new markets and sell excess cruise inventory to VoyagePort’s network of over 100 travel agencies, tour operators, and OTA’s. Get access to Performance Marketing Tools to grow the visibility and sales of your cruises.

3. Grow Direct Sales

More website visits + a higher conversion rate with a booking engine = more sales. 

Tap into VoyagePort’s winning content, SEO, and Google Ads team to take lead generation to a new level. 

4. Increase Efficiency, and Profits

Take reservations while your sales team is sleeping. Save your sales agents’ time, and save your customers’ time by making your booking process more automated. Contact us for a demo, or to see how we can help you grow your profits.

GalapagosGDS for Cruise Lines

How does it work?

Sell your inventory on the VoyagePort Marketplace

GalapagosGDS is designed to be the most efficient way to grow your Galapagos cruise sales. Once you connect your availability and rates with GalapagosGDS, the world’s top luxury and adventure travel agencies can use the GalapagosGDS.com B2B Booking Engine to reserve and book available inventory. Your agencies can also build their own B2C booking engine to sell your trips.

Easily sell your inventory with a B2C Booking Engine on your own website

Build a simple booking engine for your website using the free WordPress plugin or build comprehensive Galapagos bookings portal using the paid WordPress plugin or the GalapagosGDS API. 

For Cruise Lines and Boat Owners

Cruise lines and boat owners can upload their prices and availability of each departure two different ways:

  1. Use the free VoyagePort Cruise Manager software to manage your availability, rates, online bookings and customer relationships.
  2. Integration with your reservation system via the GalapagosGDS API or your existing API is the preferred connection method if you currently use a reservation system.

For Travel Agencies that Sell Galapagos

Your agencies can sell your inventory two ways:

  1. Agencies across the planet in the VoyagePort Marketplace can install the GalapagosGDS Booking Engine on their own websites and sell your availability to their passengers. 
  2. To quote and sell to their clients over email or on the phone, agents can log into the B2B portal at GalapagosGDS.com and get precise instant quotes, and hold reservations for their clients.

For Your Beloved Passengers

Your clients expect to be able to book a cruise to the Galapagos with the same facility that they book trips anywhere else in the world!

Now more people will be able to find, choose, plan, reserve and purchase their Galapagos trip online.

Plus, your passengers deserve the absolute best experience, don’t they? Live up to their expectations in the booking experience, as it’s an integral part of the entire trip experience. 

Sell to the VoyagePort Travel Agency Network


No cost to include your boats or trips.

Instantly access 100+ agencies & operators that sell Galapagos. Set your own commissions.

No Performance Marketing Fees during your 30-day trial period.

  • Platinum Suppliers have a consistent 4% Performance Marketing fee for maximum visibility and growth in sales. 
  • Basic Suppliers choose your own Performance Marketing visibility level from 1.9% to 10% on sales transacted via the VoyagePort booking system.

VoyagePort Cruise Manager Software


Are you still managing and distributing your inventory with spreadsheets or dated internal software?

Manage your departures, cabin availability, prices &, last minute deals in a modern way for maximum efficiency that satisfies your clients’ expectations.

Delight your B2B clients with real time availability and pricing 24-7 and the ability to sell your cabins on their own websites.

See the paid PRO version for advanced functionality and online bookings from your website.

Galapagos Booking Engine for Your WordPress Website

FROM $95

per month

Full Galapagos search and booking engine on your own website. Publish only your boats for sale.

All availability of departures, prices, last minute discounts, boat and cabin details updated automatically in real time using the Free Cruise Manager Software.

Reserve, inquire, or book directly from your website.

Your customers will NEVER leave your website. It’s 100% YOUR brand, YOUR website, and YOUR customers.


If you currently have an administrator’s account with GalapagosGDS, you can log into your account here and begin managing the availability and prices of your upcoming departures. If you do not have a cruise line account, please contact us at [email protected] to open one.

Yes, upon creating your cruise line account, you will be able to select which agencies in the VoyagePort Marketplace already have agreements with you and at what commission levels. You will also be able to sell to new agencies in the built-in marketplace.

Most of VoyagePort’s software services are free, like the Cruise Manager SoftwareB2B Quote & Booking System, and access to most of the API. Cruise lines only pay Performance Marketing Fees when sales are made in the system and can range from 1.9% to 10%. Platinum Providers get maximum visibility and sales at a consistent 4% fee. Contact us for more information.

VoyagePort can help you sell more by 1) selling to new agencies, 2) making it easier and faster for your current agencies to buy from you, 3) grow the traffic to your website, 4) convert more site visitors into clients with a Galapagos Booking Engine. Contact us for more information on how we can help you grow your sales. 

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