Installing and Using the Galapagos Booking Engine Plugin

To install the plugin and connect with the database, you will need: 

1) A Reseller (Travel Agency) Account in GalapgosGDS

You can create a reseller account here.

If you have an account, log in here:

 2) Download the plugin.

Once you are logged into your account, you are ready to download, and install the plugin on your WordPress website and create your API key.  

Download the plugin here, and install it:

3) Create API Key (token).

To get your API Key, go to and use your Agency Credentials, then under the “Authentication” tab to find your API Key. Copy the token value.

4) Paste API KEY

In the backend of WordPress go to Plugins->Galapagos Booking Engine -> Settings, and paste the Token Value into the field “Your API Key”, and enter your email and password one last time. 

5) Setup booking engine pages with shortcodes. 

Create these new pages and place the corresponding shortcode on each one:

  1. “Results” page with the shortcode [gbe_render_search_results]
  2. “Boat Summary and Cabins” page with the shortcode [gbe_render_boat_summary]
  3. “Book Boat” page with the shortcode [gbe-boat-booking]

In the Settings of the plugin Plugins->Galapagos Booking Engine -> Settings below you modify the Routing to map to the pages you just created as shown here:

Plugin routing configuration

6) Display the booking engine search on your website

Place this short code on any page you would like to display the booking engine [gbe_booking_form_input id=2].

Visit the page you placed the booking engine on, do a test search and confirm the results display satisfactorily.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed your booking engine.

7) Create Boat Pages

Pages dedicated to boats can be easily created, or your existing boat pages can display elements with data from different boats.

First, navigate to a boat’s page. In the La Pinta Yacht page we select Get Boat Information: La Pinta Yacht. Shortcodes we place on this page will now display data from this boat only.

Changing styles to fit the look and feel of your website

If desired, you can apply styles to the plugin front end by modifying the relevant CSS files. 

All blocks and elements begin with the prefix “gbe” and you can modify the CSS in the theme or by going to Appearance->Custom and modify the CSS in WordPress.

The shortcodes you can use to build your boat pages are:

[gbe-boat-description] to display a 1-2 paragraph description of the boat. 

If one of your boats is not in the drop down list, please contact [email protected] to request its inclusion.

[gbe-boat-features]  to display boat features:

[gbe-boat-facilities] to display boat facilities:

[gbe-boat-itineraries] to display detailed itineraries

[gbe-boat-cabins] to display cabin info and photos

[gbe-boat-deck-plans] to display the boat’s deck plans

[gbe-boat-gallery] to display a gallery of photos.

[gbe-promotions] to display a table of current promotions and Last Minute Deals.

[gbe-get-included], [gbe-get-non-included] and [gbe-get-policies] to display what is included in the itinerary, what is not included, and the boat’s policies.

[gbe-boat-next-departures] to display the next departures widget which automatically shows the next month, but allows selecting future months of departures.

You can filter for date ranges and for specific boats.

Here is an example

[gbe-date-departures start_date=”02/02/2023″ end_date=”02/28/2023″ boats=’31,53,26,34,52′]

Here are the numbers you can use to display each boat:

1 Golondrina
2 Fragata
3 Seaman Journey
4 Sea Star Yacht
5 Samba
8 Beagle
9 Millennium
10 Danubio Azul
11 Daphne
12 Passion
13 Mary Anne
14 Eco Galaxy
15 Galaxy
16 Alya
17 Archipel I
18 Archipel II
19 Treasure of Galapagos
20 Galapagos Odyssey
21 Darwin Yacht
23 Anahi
24 Tip Top II
25 Tip Top IV
26 Ocean Spray
27 Petrel
28 Santa Cruz II
29 La Pinta Yacht
30 Isabela II
31 Endemic
33 Calipso
34 Camila
35 Grand Queen Beatriz
36 Nemo I
37 Nemo II
38 Aida Maria
39 Angelito
40 Nemo III
41 Beluga
42 Cachalote Explorer
43 Coral I / II
44 Coral II
45 Infinity
46 Grand Majestic
47 Natural Paradise
48 Reina Silvia II
49 Nortada
50 Cormorant I
51 Stella Maris
52 Galapagos Legend
53 Elite
55 Solaris
56 Aqua
57 Tip top V
59 Origin
61 Integrity
63 Letty
64 Theory
65 Eden
66 Monserrat
67 Grace
68 Blue Spirit
69 Evolution
70 Humboldt Explorer
71 Tiburon Explorer
72 Estrella de Mar
73 Yolita II
75 Xavier III
76 Bonita
77 Grand Daphne
78 Celebrity Flora
79 Celebrity Xpedition
83 Cormorant II
84 Aqua Mare
85 Galapagos Spirit
86 Koln
87 Silver Origin

Have questions? Need Help?

For technical support, please contact [email protected]

For support with data provided by the plugin or API, please contact [email protected]

If you need assistance, please contact [email protected]