When you join the VoyagePort Network, your excess inventory is distributed to leading luxury and adventure travel agencies.

GalápagosGDS has been designed from the ground up to be the most efficient way to find and reserve a Galapagos cruise for you clients. 

Distribution of your excess inventory

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3 Ways To Connect

  1. Use VoyagePort Cruise Manager Software – manage your vessels and connect direct to the VP Network for FREE!
  2. Use an API Connection with the GalapagosGDS API or your company’s reservation system’s API.
  3. Use your current reservation system and manually update availability and prices in the Free VP Cruise Manager Software.
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Distribute to Top Luxury & Adventure Agencies + OTA’s

VoyagePort enables your travel agency partners to quote their customers more quickly using the Galapagos B2B Booking Dashboard.

Many agencies also have the VoyagePort Galapagos Booking Engine integrated with their website.

Others, frequently larger agencies, use the VoyagePort API to connect their internal booking systems.

The cost of selling through the VoyagePort Network is minimal, similar to the fee on a credit card transaction.

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